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The Schiff&Hafen Buyer’s Guide

The Buyer‘s Guide provides a market overview and an index of supply sources. It is clearly organised in relevant key words, providing rea­ders with offerings from the international shipbuilding and equipment sup­ply industries.

Your Buyer’s Guide booking includes:

An entry in our print publications and an entry on our websites:



These company information are included:

Your company logo (4-colour), address and communications data plus a concise description of pro­ducts or services offered. Your booking will run for one year.

You can book your Buyer’s Guide (Print Version) in:

1.  Schiff&Hafen – magazine for German-speaking countries
      run time: every two months (6 issues)
2.  Ship&Offshore International – international magazine
     run time: monthly (8 issues)
3.  Ship&Offshore Selected – special editions in
     country-specific languages
     run time: 4 issues (2x China, Greece, and Special GreenTech)


   Size I    
H 30/B 58 mm 

Size II    
H 40/B 58 mm 

1 Keyword
2 Keywords
3 Keywords
4 Keywords
5 Keywords
6 Keywords

        € 95
each € 90
each € 85
each € 80
each € 75
each € 70

   € 125
   € 120
   € 115
   € 110
   € 105
   € 100

For bookings in several publications, we offer the following discount off the total price:

Two publications/year: 10%
Three publications/year: 20%

You can download a sample copy of the Buyer's Guide Print-Version.

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